4th Dubai International Parachuting Championship 2013

(DIPC 2013) 27th November – 10th December 2013
Organized by the Emirates Aerosport Federation (EAF) & Skydive Dubai
For the following Disciplines:

Accuracy Landing (Male, Female & Juniors)

Formation Skydiving (4-way Open, 4-way Female, 8-way, VFS 4-way)

Canopy Formation (4-way Rotation, 2-way Sequential)

Artistic Events (Freestyle Skydiving, Freeflying)

Canopy Piloting (Speed, Distance, Accuracy & Free Style)

(edition 2 27th July 2013)

VENUE: Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE):

Dubai is one of the seven Emirates and the most populous state of the United Arab Emirates.

It is located along the southern coast of the Arabian Gulf on the Arabian Peninsula.

This venue offers plenty of hotels, shops and beaches.

The Championships Competition site is located at Skydive Dubai Club near the “Palm Jumeirah” at the beach and Marina area.


Accuracy Landing:

1 Male Team (maximum 5 competitors)

1 Female Team (maximum 5 competitors)

Up to 5 Junior Competitors female/male

Formation Skydiving with following Events:

1 Team 4-way Open (maximum 6 competitors, including videographer)

1 Team 4-way Female (maximum 6 competitors, including videographer)

1 Team 8-way (maximum 10 competitors, including videographer)

1 Team 4-way Vertical Formation Skydiving (maximum 6 competitors, including videographer)

Canopy Formation with following Events:

1 Team 2-way Sequential (maximum 4 competitors, including videographer)

1 Team 4-way Rotation (maximum 6 competitors, including videographer)

Artistic Events with following Events :

1 Team Freestyle Skydiving (maximum 2 competitors, including videographer)

1 Team Freeflying (maximum 3 competitors, including videographer)

Canopy Piloting with following Events:

Accuracy, Distance, Speed (maximum 8 competitors).

If time allows, it is planned to execute three more CP Freestyle jumps after completion of the official program (Accuracy, Distance, Speed).

Participants in more than one of the 5 Disciplines (AL, FS, AE, CF, CP)

Have to be aware that such participation will not be grounds for any protest against the application of Sporting Code, Section 5, § 5.2.5 (2). The jump order

will not be changed nor will the minimum time limits prescribed in 5.2.5 (3) have any application in respect of jumps made in different disciplines.

Personal Requirements:

For personal requirements including FAI Sporting Licence see Sporting Code, Section 5, § 1.2..

National regulations do not require that a protective helmet must be worn. Where other regulations or competition rules do not require helmets, it is recommended to use protective headwear while skydiving. National regulations do not require that life-saving equipment must be worn in the vicinity of water while skydiving. It is recommended to wear flotation devices (especially in cases where inability to swim or stay afloat otherwise is apparent).

Number of Competition Jumps:

According to the IPC Competition Rules, edition 2013, for each Discipline/Event.

An AAD is mandatory

for Formation Skydiving, Artistic Events and Accuracy Landing, while it is not required for Canopy Piloting and Canopy Formation for safety reasons (fast spiral spins, possibility of additional entanglements).

For the Canopy Piloting Competitors a quick release system

(cutaway) for additional weight (lead belt) is required (see CP CR


  • To determine champions for the 4th Dubai International Parachuting Championship in the described disciplines/events.
  • To establish new World, Continental and National Records.
  • To promote safety and develop parachuting training and competition.
  • To exchange ideas and strengthen friendly relations between sport parachutists, judges and support personnel all over the world.
  • To allow participants to share and exchange experience, knowledge and information.


Medals and Trophies will be awarded in all disciplines/events for the first three placing according to the Competition Rules for each discipline/event.

In addition lucrative money prizes will be given in each event (see attachment)!


27th November 2013 (Wednesday):

Official Arrival of Delegations with Registration.

28th November 2013 (Thursday):

Orientation jumps, continuing Registration, Judges Conference commences. A Technical Meeting to be attended by Heads of Delegation, Team Managers

and Judges will be held at a time and location to be advised.

29th November 2013 (Friday):

Start competition jumps, Opening Ceremony.

30th November – 08th/09th December 2013 (Sunday/Monday):

Competition each day.

Competition ceases on 08th/09th December at 14:00h (last take off). Thereafter the

Closing Ceremony, final Award Presentation and Farewell Dinner will take place.

09th December 2013 (Monday) alternative date

if the competition cannot be completed until 08th December 2013.

10th December 2013 (Tuesday):

Departure of Delegations.

An entertainment program is planned during the above mentioned time period

Note: 02nd December 2012 is a National holiday in UAE (Independence Day).

An air show or similar is planned on this day.


Oasis Beach Tower Hotel, P.O. Box 26500, Dubai

Another/other hotel/hotels will be announced later.

Oasis Beach Tower hotel is located at Dubai Marina, quite close to the Competition Site “Skydive Dubai”.


IPC Competition Rules (CR), edition 2013 (CP Freestyle CR 2012) with the changes stated in this bulletin (e.g. total number of teams for AE, 5 juniors

for AL), for the above mentioned disciplines/events and FAI Sporting Code, General Section and Section 5, edition 2013, will apply.


Chairman Organizing Committee:

Nasser Al Neyadi, President Emirates Aerosport Federation (EAF).

Deputy Chairman Organizing Committee:

Yousif Hassan Al Hammadi, Vice-President Emirates Aerosport Federation (EAF).

Chairman of the Technical Committee & Meet Director:

Mohammed Yousuf Abdul Rahman, General Secretary Emirates Aerosport Federation (EAF).

Deputy Chairman of the Technical Committee & Assistant Meet Director:

Helmut Schlecht, Advisor to EAA/EAF.


FAI Judges/CISM-Judges and approved national judges will be used for all events.

Chief Judge:Dr. Rainer “Exi” Hoenle
Assistant CJwill be nominated in Bulletin No. 2
Event Judge AccuracyGuenter Berendt
Event Judge Formation SkydivingKarla Cole
Event Judge Canopy PilotingBjoern Korth
Event Judge Canopy FormationBernard Nicolas
Event Judge Artistic EventsAliya Ananina
Technical Director CP CourseJasper Williams


The Judges Conference will be held on 28th November 2013 at 10:00AM. (All participating judges must attend, location pending).


Accuracy Landing:Weckbecker Electronics
Formation Skydiving, Artistic Events, Canopy Formation:OMNISKORE System
Canopy Piloting:Korth Scoring System (BTKS)with Sensor Systems Speed& Distance Video Systems


Helicopter Bell 212 (Abu Dhabi Aviation)
for Accuracy Landing & Canopy Piloting, left door, exit speed: 70 KIAS; +/- 5 kts

Pilatus Porter PC-6 (Skydive Dubai)
for Canopy Formation & Canopy Piloting, right door, exit speed 70 KIAS; +/- 5 kts

Cessna C 208 Caravan (Skydive Dubai)
for Canopy Formation & Canopy Piloting, left door, exit speed 75 KIAS; +/- 5 kts

Twin Otter HD 6 (Skydive Dubai)
for Formation Skydiving, Artistic Events & Canopy Piloting, left door, exit speed 85 KIAS; +/- 5 kts


Average daytime temperature during November/December is 28.5º (high) and 17.5º (low) centigrade during the day with cooler nights.

Wind: Average wind speed is 3-5 m/s (6 – 10 knots).

Main directions: West/Northwest


Same as mean sea level (MSL).


Official Orientation/Training jump/jumps, prior to the competition jumps are included in the entry fee and will be granted according to the Competition Rules for the various disciplines/events.

Costs for Training Jumps at “Skydive Dubai” will be:

Accuracy Landing:US $ 16 (AED 60.00)
Formation Skydiving 4 way:US $ 22 (AED 80.00)
Formation Skydiving 8 way:US $ 25 (AED 90.00)
Vertical Formation Skydiving:US $ 25 (AED 90.00)
Artistic Events:US $ 25 (AED 90.00)
Canopy Piloting:US $ 18 (AED 65.00)
Canopy Formation:US $ 20 (AED 75.00)

for each individual competitor/jumper.

“Skydive Dubai” is a fully operational drop zone. Teams are welcome to contact the Centre at if they wish to train before the championships starting from 01st September 2013 onwards.

These training jumps will be conducted at the Skydive Dubai 2 drop zone, close to the village of MARGHAM (sometimes written Murgam), about 47km southsoutheast of Skydive Dubai DZ (see annex Competition & Training Sites); about 60 km by road and about one hour driving time. The Skydive Dubai DZ “Palm” will be available for training as well prior 01st November 2013.

Further training jumps and the official orientation jumps can and will be conducted at the four designated drop zones for the 4th DIPC 2013 (see annex Competition & Training Sites), starting on 25th November 2013, provided that the infrastructure for the competition is completed.

If the Official Orientation/Training jump/jumps cannot be started or completed for any pertinent reason on 28th November 2013 the allotted time for Orientation/ Training jump/jumps will not be extended.


1. Personal Health insurance and repatriation coverage are the responsibility of each participant and is highly advisable.

2. Liability insurance coverage to third parties for the event is provided by the organizer. This does not apply for any damage caused by a participant in freefall or under canopy. Any such damage is the responsibility of the parachutist. Third party liability insurance for the parachute and/or participant is highly advisable.

3. Any damage to hotel rooms etc. is the responsibility of the persons involved.

4. Personal items and equipment are the responsibility of each participant.


Adequate medical services according to SC 5, paragraph 4.5.3 (3), will be provided at the drop zone of “Skydive Dubai" and at each of the three other designated landing areas during the event, including the official training days.



Heads of Delegation, Team Managers, Team Coaches:US $ 700.00
Accompanying Persons (limited to two (2)):US $ 1,500.00
Company Exhibitors:US $ 2,000.00
Competitor one discipline/event:US $ 800.00
For each additional event in FS, AE & CF plus:US $ 320.00

Judges selected by the Chief Judge will be invited by the President of the Organizing Committee to be included into the panel of judges under the terms and conditions contained in the invitation.

In addition 1 Judge (with a valid FAI or CISM license) of each delegation, who must be nominated by name latest at the preliminary registration form and confirmed by the Chief Judge to be needed and included into the judges panel, will also be exempted from the Entry Fee.

For Confirmation of Registration it is necessary to submit copy a of bank transfer letter (or advise us if you would like to pay cash upon arrival).

Whenever possible bank transfer is much to be preferred, in order to shorten the registration process, because paying in cash during the registration seriously delays the course of the registration.

Entry Fee: Includes accommodation, meals from dinner on day of arrival 27th Novem-ber 2013 until breakfast on departure day, 10th December 2013, social events, transport from/to Dubai International Airport, local transportation and all jumps.

All Fees should be submitted before 11th October 2013 to the Emirates Aerosport Federation (EAF) with the following bank details:

Bank account: Will be announced later.

Entry Fees received at a later date MUST be paid in USD CASH upon arrival.

Late fee of USD 20.00 will be applied (per person).


The Preliminary Registration Form must be submitted to the Organizing Committee

before 10th September 2013 to:

The Final Registration Form and Documents (see also paragraph 24, Visas) must be submitted to the Organizing Committee

before 11th October 2013 to:

Procedures and forms are online at:

All communication needs to be done by one point of contact for each participating NAC, no separate registration/ payment by individuals/teams will be accepted.

Everything is being planned to ensure that this will be again, with now 5 Disciplines (12 Events), following the 1st, 2nd, 3rd DIPC & Gulf Cups 2010/2011 and the “Mondial” 2012, another successful International Parachuting Championship.

Specialists and experts are being provided with the latest equipment to ensure every-thing is of the highest standard.

We just need YOU, the competitors, officials, judges and friends to make it another successful and enjoyable event in Dubai.


Delegations/Individuals should report directly to Championships Immigration Officers on arrival at the designated desk manned by Immigration and personnel of the Organizing Committee at the Dubai International Airport for visas and clearances.

Busses will be provided (schedule to be published) for the transport from Dubai International Airport to the Hotels at certain times during the main arrival day on 27th November 2013.

Teams arriving prior to or after the set time (27thNovember 2013) will need to find their own way to the competition site/hotel.

Cost for a taxi is approximately US $ 20.


1 Head of Delegation (HOD)

2 Team Managers/Coaches

Note: If a Delegation competes in more than 2 disciplines (AL, FS, AE, CF, CP) 3 Team Managers/Coaches will be accepted.

More than 3 Disciplines: 5 Team Managers/Coaches are accepted.

More than 4 Disciplines: 6 Team Managers/Coaches are accepted.

It is up to the NAC/HOD to distribute the tasks of Team Managers/Coaches in the various disciplines within the given total number of persons (2/3/5/6) Competitors see paragraph 2. The maximum number is 66 (AL: 15, FS: 28, AE: 5, CF: 10, CP: 8).


a. In general accompanying persons will be expected to make their own arrangements for transport, accommodation and meals.

b. The organizer will assist by providing the names of hotels etc..

c. Accompanying persons are responsible for their own insurance as per paragraph 16.

d. If the accompanying persons would like to be administered as part of the Delegation, the entry fee will be US $ 1,500.00.

The entry fee includes accommodation, meals from dinner on day of arrival 27th November 2013 until breakfast on departure day, 10th December 2013, transport from/to Dubai International Airport, local transportation, social events.

Each country/delegation can nominate up to two (2) accompanying persons.


Countries which are FAI members in good standing according to the FAI Sporting Code, General Section, paragraph 8.1.3. and invited Guest Delegations which are not FAI members yet.


a. If delegations/individuals are from a country that requires Visa to enter the UAE, then necessary visa support can be provided if the required passport details are submitted to the Organizing Committee before 11th October 2013

b. Copy of the Passport (jpg/pdf) has to be sent in good quality to:

c. A Visa fee of US $ 75.00 applies (to be paid cash upon arrival).






Nasser Al Neyadi


Deputy Chairman:

Yousif Hassan Al Hammadi


Chairman of the Technical Committee & Meet Director:

Mohammed Yousuf Abdul Rahman,


Deputy Chairman of the Technical Committee & Assistant Meet Director:

Helmut Schlecht, Advisor to EAA

Bulletin No. 2

Bulletin No. 2 will be published before the 25th of October 2013.


Preliminary & Final Entry Forms

Competition & Training Sites

Overview Money Prizes